Welcome to our website! Our association works mostly with artists, but it also offers tourism services. Our tourist offers such as guided tours or the organisation of individual and thematic visits are part of the context of an international cultural exchange that we wish to promote. With regard to this ambition, enabling visitors to discover cultural riches is as necessary as the mentoring of (local) artists, which represents our most important activity.

Mentoring of artists

The mentoring consists of supporting artists during their career by managing administrative procedures for them which are not directly linked to their profession. Thus, we ensure social security, advise them on financial and fiscal questions and keep them informed of legal developments that could concern them. In general, we manage all the details in terms of the relations between the artist and public authorities. This enables the artists to concentrate on their performances and on the enhancement of their skills.

Organization of events

Our association also organizes different cultural events, such as concerts, festivals, expositions, video projections or conferences. The renting of the venue , the acquisition of the equipment, the arrangement of the location or the preparation of a security plan in agreement with the authorities are part oft he services we offer. To make sure that the events run smoothly, we cooperate with all protagonists involved in the organizational process and of course with the artists. We aim at enabling the artists and the spectators or visitors to fully enjoy the events thanks to our work.

International festivals and expositions – our area of expertise

The kinds of events where we are the most involved in the organization are expositions and international festivals. No matter if the objects on display are paintings, sculptures or other works of art, we will know how to make them shine. The type of performance at the festivals – dancing, singing or something else – does not influence the quality of our services either. We are very experienced in those events and we are sure that our solutions will satisfy you.